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Substitute Teacher Magazine is looking for authors. Information on submitting to the magazine can be found by clicking here.  Submissions can be printed anonymously, please request if you would like us to not print your name or location. Please contact

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This is for any article or publication that is published once per month.

  • Sub of the Month   ( 1 Article )

    Substitute Teacher of the Month - You can nominate yourself or another sub. Full name, state, and contact information is needed. Contact information can be email address, fax, or phone number. Contact information is needed in order to check directly with the person to get their approval to post their name on the website. Pictures are optional, however are always a great addition! Please include a paragraph or two about why this person should be Sub of the Month.

  • Question of the Month   ( 8 Articles )
    Each issue a new question will be asked. Readers are welcome and encouraged to send in their answers to the questions. Those answers will be posted in this section. Please submit answers here.
  • Tips   ( 6 Articles )
    Tips is a section of the magazine where substitute teachers send in their hints, tricks, and tips that work for them.  Hopefully everyone will find something to help them out in this section.
  • Silly Stories   ( 6 Articles )
    Funny things happen every day in classrooms.  Silly stories is a collection of comical moments that happened to substitute teachers.
  • Amusing Answers   ( 3 Articles )
    While teachers most of the time get the pleasure of reading most of the answers that would fit well here, substitute teachers see and hear students' answers occassionally too.  These answers can be from a student answering a question outloud, or an answer a substitute teacher found on a paper.
  • Classwork Confusions   ( 4 Articles )
    Substitute teachers end up in classes that they don't always know the subject very well.  This section helps to answer questions that substitute teachers may have heard in the classroom, and didn't know the answer to.
  • Comics   ( 1 Article )
  • Quotes & Poems   ( 3 Articles )
    The Quotes & Poems section is for any educational quote or poem. It could be funny, inspirational, or just worth reading.
  • Tech Tips   ( 4 Articles )
    Technology tips for substitute teachers.