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Tech Tips
October 2010 Tech Tips PDF Print E-mail
Depending on the social network site, it is most likely not appropriate to connect yourself with your students. This means do not "friend" them or let them join your network so that they can see personal information. Unless the account was set up specifically to network with your students (a school or class group perhaps), personal Internet life should be kept away from students and family of students. (You wouldn't want your third grade students passing around a picture of yourself in a situation where it would not be appropriate for the student to be in that situation.)
September 2010 Tech Tips PDF Print E-mail
Learn the keyboard shortcuts for many common actions. For example learn to press "ctrl" and "c" to copy something, instead of dragging your mouse over the text in some programs. Learning shortcuts will make you look more professional, will make your computer work faster, and will earn you more respect in front of tech savy students. You can search "keyboard shortcuts" on the Internet to find lists of ones that may be helpful.
August 2010 Tech Tips PDF Print E-mail
If you have a personal account on the Internet, keep the information and pictures professional. If a student or staff member finds an account of yours on the Internet, it should have a professional look to it. This means no pictures of yourself wearing inappropriate clothing, in inappropriate situations, or any other pictures that would create potentially negative conversations at the school where you are working.
July 2010 Tech Tips PDF Print E-mail
Do not use any technology in the classroom unless the teacher or other school staff in charge has told you that you may use technology. This includes anyone using the teacher's computer, the students' computers, digital cameras, calculators, or even overheads/document cameras/projector. If it has batteries or plugs in, check with someone before using it, unless the lesson plan specifies using the technology.