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When You're Left With no Plans
What do you do when you're left with no plans?  Do you have an arsenal of supplies in your "sub bag"?  Help other substitute teachers out, and let us know what you do when there's no sub folder to be found.

June 2009 Left With No Plans PDF Print E-mail
I've found that Scholastic, has a ton of lesson plans that are great, and various time lengths as well.
May 2009 Left With No Plans PDF Print E-mail
Highlights Hidden Pictures are excellent! It's obviously not a full lesson, but I try to keep several for each season / holiday to hand out to the kids. Highlights has a lot of books for Hidden Pictures, so it's easy to keep a lot handy!
March 2009 Left With no Plans PDF Print E-mail

I always like to keep an arsenal of worksheets at home, so I can grab some to put in my sub bag for the grade or subject I'll be teach that day.  I found a great site, where you can create all kinds of math worksheets.  The 5 minute drills are important for kids to be able to do, so I always keep the appropriate leveled one on hand.

September 2008 Left With No Plans PDF Print E-mail

When I'm left with no plans, I run next door to ask another teacher who is teaching the same grade level.  Often, the teachers are going off of the same lesson plans, if you're in an elementary school.  I've had teachers show me what they're doing, and give me a copy of each work sheet so I can run them off and have some plans.

June 2008 Left with No Plans PDF Print E-mail
When I'm left with no plans, I like to have the students make tessellations. A tessellation is a design where there is a shape that is repeated over and over again. You have the students take a square piece of paper. Cut out a piece of the paper (must be cut out from the edge, not from the center like a hole). Tape that piece to the opposite side, without rotating or changing its direction. Then you just trace that shape as many times as you can on a larger paper. has information about them, and it is a kid-friendly site.
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