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From the Administrators and Teachers
From the Administrators and Teachers is a column of advice, do's, and don't's, or just experiences from permanent school staff who interact with substitute teachers.  School staff is encouraged to write in to this column.

April 2008 From the Staff PDF Print E-mail
Substitute teachers are important in their role to maintain a safe educational classroom environment in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. As an administrator, I appreciate substitute teachers who insist on maintaining a calm classroom and do not simply treat their work as "babysitting." Regular teacher or not, the adult in the room has a responsibility to the safety of all children in their care. It is certainly wonderful when the substitute also accomplishes all that is in the substitute lesson plans that have been provided, but a safe and orderly environment is the first priority.

To that end, I make it a habit to pop into classrooms where I have placed substitute teachers to see how they are doing and if I can be of any assistance. In our school, we have been fortunate over the years to have certain "regular" substitute teachers that we can call on. These substitutes become familiar with school policies and our students. As any substitute, teacher or administrator can attest to, it is much easier to maintain classroom management when you can call on a specific child by name and when the child knows that you are regular fixture in the school.

~ Lynne (Principal) from New York

March 2008 From the Staff PDF Print E-mail

When I am absent from the classroom, I really appreciate it when the substitute leaves me a list of those students who misbehaved and those that went out of their way to be helpful. Having that information allows me to follow through and helps to reinforce the authority of the substitute in my absence. What I do not appreciate is when a substitute does not pay attention to the instructions I have carefully prepared. It is frustrating to return after an absence to find that your whole sub folder (with several days worth of work) was passed out on the first day. Substituting is hard work, I know, I've been there, and I thank all of the substitutes who cover for absent teachers and take care of our students.

~ Caryn (teacher) from Montana