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Substitute Teacher Magazine is looking for authors. Information on submitting to the magazine can be found by clicking here.  Submissions can be printed anonymously, please request if you would like us to not print your name or location. Please contact

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Book Reviews
Books pertaining to substitute teaching will be featured here.  These books might be children's stories, help books, or collections of worksheets for substitute teachers.  Readers can submit reviews on books listed here if they have read or used one of the books.

Stepping In: A Substitute's Guide to Managing Classroom Behavior PDF Print E-mail

Stepping In: A Substitute's Guide to Managing Classroom Behavior by Randy Sprick, Ph.D.

Stepping_In_Perfect_CoverA must read for substitute teachers! This guide has helpful tips for people who are just starting to substitute teach, and is a great review for those who have been in the profession for many years. Randy Sprick writes excellent advice for all educators, not just substitute teachers. Many of Dr. Sprick's suggestions are also recommended by dozens of other educational theorists. The book is an easy read, with five well organized chapters. Important points that should be focused on are often set aside in a "take note" box. Any form that is referenced is located in the back of the book, for substitute teachers to copy and use on their own.

The Forgotten Room: Inside a Public Alternative School for At-Risk Youth PDF Print E-mail

by Mary Hollowell
ISBN-13: 9780739134955

Please submit reviews for this book.

How to Succeed as a Substitute Teacher PDF Print E-mail

by Cicely Anne Rude

Super Sub: How to Succeed as a Substitute Teacher
Course Companion Book Review:

Substitute Teaching from A to Z PDF Print E-mail

by Barbara Pressman

For excerpts of this book, please see the Dear Barbara column, listed under the "Columns" tab.

Please submit reviews for this book.

Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub PDF Print E-mail

by Jaime Gilson

Please submit reviews for this book.

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