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Tips is a section of the magazine where substitute teachers send in their hints, tricks, and tips that work for them.  Hopefully everyone will find something to help them out in this section.

April 2009 Tips PDF Print E-mail

I began my new substitute teaching career in September 2008 and it has been quite interesting. There have been good days, and some days that have been well, challenging, but for the most part, things have gone rather smoothly.

Prior to subbing I'd read numerous articles about the possibility of teachers not leaving lesson plans. Thankfully, every room I've gone into has had something written out that explains the course of the day. Generally, I've been fortunate enough to know several days in advance where I was going and who I'd be working for. In the beginning, I'd contact the teacher to introduce myself and to find out how their class operates. One teacher even invited me into her class the day before and walked me through the plans and where I'd find certain supplies. That was my best day yet. I've really never had to delve into a 'bag of tricks' in case the teacher didn't leave anything for me.

But it finally happened.

March 2009 Tips PDF Print E-mail

I have found most helpful:
The use of Raffle drawing tickets.  You can purchase these at an office supply store, 2000 of them.  As students enter, I have a big string of them around my neck.  The students who first sit down and get ready, get a ticket.  OThers will take notice right away and ask.  I say I will tell them when class gets started. I am liberal with the tickets, and give them for kids being on task, for raising their hand, for participating.  They love this through middle school (have not subbed in high school yet).  They put their names on the tickets, and put them in a cup that I come around with.  I generally will do a drawing for candy 1/2 way through the class.  Students who have more tickets have more chances to win candy.    I will give about 4 pcs of candy per class, however, if the class performs well as a whole, I will double that number.  I mark this by starting with a star on the board.  As they are loud/disruptive, I erase one line of the star.  They can earn these lines back by being on task as a class.

May 2008 Tips PDF Print E-mail
Find the teachers bathroom in the beginning of the day before the kids get there. That way when you only have 10 minutes you don’t have to first find a person then have them tell you how to get there only to find there is a line and you need to be picking the kids up from music in 3 minutes!
April 2008 Tips PDF Print E-mail
~Keep a map of each school that you sub at in your sub bag.  That way in case there isn't a map posted in the classroom, you still know your way around the school.
March 2008 Tips PDF Print E-mail

I make sure that I have a copy of the class roster at my desk or teachers station. I leave it out where the kids can see it. I make notes of their behavior on it. Once they realize what I am doing they are well behaved because they know I am leaving it for their teacher.

Some kids act up just because they need attention that they aren’t getting from home or their regular teacher. Try to give them extra attention in general instead of correcting all their wrongdoings. The attention normally makes them settle down.

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