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One account per person. If you are having trouble with your account, please contact an administrator.

No profanity, flaming, or posting inappropriate images or links. This includes inappropriate usernames, signatures, and avatars.

Please find the appropriate forum and place to post anything said.

Avatars and signatures should follow all proper rules. No profanity, flaming, or inappropriate images or links. Size limits for avatar is 80x80 px. Signature height is 200 px. There is no width limit for signatures, however please do not stretch the board. Any inappropriate avatars and signatures will be removed.

Moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, or move any post, avatar, or signature at their digression. If you feel an administrator or moderator took an action you did not feel is appropriate, please contact an administrator.

By posting on the Substitute Teacher Magazine Website, you give Substitute Teacher Magazine the right to publish any content without further permission.

This website and forum welcomes both substitute teachers and teachers. Please respect everyone's feelings and opinions. Arguing, flaming, inappropriate conversations or reporting will not be tolerated.

Posts and threads will not be deleted, edited, or modified in any way without written notice to the poster. If edited, an explanation will be in the post. If deleted, a user will receive notification of why the thread was deleted.