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Ideal Substitute Teacher Plans PDF Print E-mail

This is what every substitute teacher would love to see when they walk into a classroom:

  • In the middle of a clean desk, a folder clearly labeled "Substitute Teacher Plans", or a similar title.
  • Lesson plans for the day
    • If a video is being shown, a phone number for who to call if there are issues with the TV equipment
    • Time breakdown for lessons (should this worksheet take 5 minutes or 30 minutes)
  • End of the day report form for the sub to fill out
  • Extra worksheets or plans in case original plans are finished ahead of schedule
  • Class list and seating chart that is up to date (with preferred names / nick names)
  • Name tags on students' desks
  • Some teachers have students wear name tags; some subs find this helpful
  • Schedule for the day including any possible activities
    • Including whether the sub has bus, hall, lunch, recess duty (and details)
    • Arrival and dismissal procedures (are students supposed to come in and sit down, or put homework in a basket, etc)
  • Notes about lunch and recess, and if students are allowed to bring toys, which ones
  • Student-specific schedule (if any one student must leave the class to go somewhere for a period of time); include whether other teachers or support staff may come into the classroom.
  • Fire drill and other emergency procedures instructions
  • A list of rules that the teacher adheres by, including
    • Rules for using the bathroom or drinking fountain (including passes, sending pairs of students, etc)
    • Rules for going to their locker if applicable
    • Pencil sharpening rules (only in the morning, between classes, etc), or other writing implement rules
    • Plans for the day in time order, with approximately how long each item should take.
    • Building-wide rules
    • Dress-code rules
    • Whether students are allowed to use computers, electronics, tv, etc when the sub is there
    • Whether the sub is allowed to use computers, electronics, tv, etc - and what else a sub is or is not allowed to do
  • Names of students the sub can count on to give honest answers when asked a question (daily procedures, classroom rules, etc)
  • Names of students who have medical conditions, who may need to go to the office/nurse for meds, or who has extra needs
  • Names of students who should not sit / work together
  • Nearby teacher who the sub can go to or call, if there are questions; some teachers even leave a phone number they can be reached at
  • Teacher directory, or at the very least, office, nurse, security, or other important numbers
  • Classroom number and phone number
  • Building / campus map
  • Behavior plans (card system, writing names on board / paper, etc)
  • Detention, referral slips, etc (and whether the sub is authorized to use these methods)
  • "I've been good" slips, or other reward systems (and how to use it if the sub is authorized)
  • Where to find extra supplies
  • Code for printer if copies are needed, or who to ask to make copies
  • Who to call if the sub needs to step out of the room (bathroom), and where the staff bathrooms are
  • Whether to collect / correct any papers, or what to do with them

If you would like to contribute an idea to the Ideal Substitute Teacher Plans, please email us.