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Substitute Teacher Magazine is looking for authors. Information on submitting to the magazine can be found by clicking here.  Submissions can be printed anonymously, please request if you would like us to not print your name or location. Please contact

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When I started as a substitute teacher, I had looked for publications and websites that could offer help for new substitute teachers. Anything was welcome, from tips on what to use for temporary room passes, to lesson plans for physical education classes. While there are a lot of websites that offer discussion, plans, tips, or other things for substitute teachers, there was not one website that contained a variety. I found many books or binders, but I had no idea which one would be the most help. So I spent hours in my spare time researching ideas to use in the classroom. When I would find a good site for lesson plans, it wouldn’t have anything else. When I found a good site of ideas, it only had ideas. I wanted one site that offered different avenues of help. I also searched to see if there were any monthly publications of any kind, for substitute teachers, to help with seasonal activities. I found none, once again. I subbed for a year and a half without finding what I was looking for. I then had an idea that perhaps I could create a website that would contain a monthly publication for substitute teachers. There would be a variety of help on this site, everything from helpful books for substitute teachers to silly stories that substitute teachers could submit from their classroom experience. Other ideas for the website included handouts and lesson plans, questions that substitute teachers could ask and answer, and other reading material. Some of the handouts and material is seasonal; some are able to be used year-round.