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Substitute Teacher Magazine is looking for authors. Information on submitting to the magazine can be found by clicking here.  Submissions can be printed anonymously, please request if you would like us to not print your name or location. Please contact

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How to Submit to Substitute Teacher Magazine


  • Letters to the Editor

Any questions or comments about the magazine, or general questions that do not fit any other section of the magazine will be considered for Letters to the Editor.

  • When You're Left With No Plans

What do you do when you're left with no plans? Submit your best plans that you file away for those days when you're stuck without any lesson plans from the teacher.

  • Difficult Situations

Have you ever been in a difficult situation where you didn't know what to do? Or that you've been in a situation and had wished you'd done something different? We want to hear about it!

  • From the Administration and Teachers

Any permanent school staff is welcome to submit a piece for this column. Please keep the subject based around substitute teachers, whether it be good or bad situations, advice, your experiences as a substitute teacher, or anything else.

  • Life Outside the Classroom

What's your life like outside the classroom as a substitute teacher? Do you ever run into students you've subbed for? Do you have a second job? Are you getting your teaching certificate so you can be a full time teacher? We want to hear all about what subs do in their down time.

  • Interviews

Any interview where the questions are asked about substitute teaching. The person being interviewed could be a teacher answering questions about substitute teachers, or a substitute teacher answering questions about being a sub.



  • Amusing Answers:

Any answer that you have come across when subbing that makes you giggle, snicker, or makes you think, "What on Earth?!".

  • Classwork Confusions

It's happened to all substitute teachers at one point or another. Frequently many times. A student asks a question, and you have no idea what the answer is. Quickly thumbing through the textbook, you hope to find the answer. Sometimes you can't, or sometimes you just say to work it out on their own. Still don't know the answer, or want to share the question so others can learn the answer too? Ask away!

  • Question of the Month

Each month we'll ask a new question. All you have to do is submit your answer, and we'll publish it in the following month's issue!

  • Silly Stories

We want to hear all about those times when something happened that was just comical. Whether it happened to you or a student, something silly probably has happened at some point!

  • Sub of the Month

Send in nominations for Substitute Teacher of the Month! You can nominate yourself or another sub. Full name, state, and contact information is needed. Contact information can be email address, fax, or phone number. Contact information is needed in order to check directly with the person to get their approval to post their name on the website. Pictures are optional, however are always a great addition! Please include a paragraph or two about why this person should be Sub of the Month.

  • Helpful Tips

If someone told you they were going to be a substitute teacher, and had their first call tomorrow, what would you say to them? We want to hear all your tips!

  • Quotes

Any education quotes will be welcome, but ones about substitute teaching are preferred.

Featured Articles

  • Have something to say, but there isn't a column or place to put it? If it is appropriate, we can turn it into a Featured Article. Or, if you have a contribution to make to an existing article, suggestions are welcome.


  • Book Review
    • To suggest a book to review: Any book that has something to do with substitute teachers is accepted. Please include the book's title, author, and ISBN number. Books can be fiction, non-fiction, or reference
    • To submit a review of a book: Any length review of the book is accepted. Reviews will be accepted for any book already listed in the book reviews, or a book that hasn't been reviewed yet.
  • Educational Program Review
    • To suggest an education program to review: Please submit the college's name, city/town, state, website address, and program title.
    • To submit a review of an educational program: Any length review of an educational program is accepted. Please include the following in your review: college's name, city/town, state, website address, and program title, whether you are still in this program, or attended dates.
  • Product Recommendation Review
    • To submit a product to recommend: Please submit a link to where the product can be purchased.
    • To submit a review of a product: Please submit a link to where the product can be purchased, if it is already listed on the Substitute Teacher Magazine website, please submit that product link. Please include how long you have owned and / or used the product, whether you liked or disliked the product, and whether you would or would not recommend this product to other substitute teachers or full time teachers.
  • Website Review
    • To suggest a website to review: Any website that has something to do with substitute teachers, lesson plans, or something to do in the classroom is accepted. Please include the website's full address.
    • To submit a review of a website: Any length review of the website is accepted. Reviews will be accepted for any website already listed in the website reviews, or a website that hasn't been reviewed yet.


Substitute Teacher Magazine Calendar

  • Holiday or event
    • To suggest a holiday or event to add to the calendar, please submit (1) the holiday or event title, (2) length of time the event occurs, (3) how often it occurs (yearly on a certain date?), and (4) any other details that should be included such as website or history of event.


Class Handouts

  • anything that can be printed, or lesson plan suggestions

Educator Links

  • links that would be helpful to anyone in education. This category does not include websites.

Substitute Teacher Magazine reserves the right to edit any submission for spelling or grammar. By submitting to the magazine, you are giving your consent to any basic editing. Substitute Teacher Magazine will make the author aware of any changes before the submission is published.