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October 2010 Tech Tips PDF Print E-mail
Depending on the social network site, it is most likely not appropriate to connect yourself with your students. This means do not "friend" them or let them join your network so that they can see personal information. Unless the account was set up specifically to network with your students (a school or class group perhaps), personal Internet life should be kept away from students and family of students. (You wouldn't want your third grade students passing around a picture of yourself in a situation where it would not be appropriate for the student to be in that situation.)
September 2010 Tech Tips PDF Print E-mail
Learn the keyboard shortcuts for many common actions. For example learn to press "ctrl" and "c" to copy something, instead of dragging your mouse over the text in some programs. Learning shortcuts will make you look more professional, will make your computer work faster, and will earn you more respect in front of tech savy students. You can search "keyboard shortcuts" on the Internet to find lists of ones that may be helpful.
September 2010 Editor's Column PDF Print E-mail

Dear Readers,

Many substitutes will be going back to work soon. While there are pro's and con's to every situation, when regular teachers are not hired immediately, it does leave jobs open for substitute teachers. These types of situations are good reasons why substitute teachers need to be as prepared as possible to be in the classroom. Know your content, pedagogy, and technology and be prepared to answer questions that prove you know them. Read books about substitute teaching, and consider making a portfolio to bring to interviews.

Happy job hunting!

~Your Editor

August 2010 Editor's Column PDF Print E-mail

Dear Readers,

Summer is nearly over! Some districts are having substitute teacher training for new substitutes. If this is not manditory, but you have an opportunity to take adavantage of this, try to attend! It will most likely be helpful, and may help with networking. Always try to take advantage of any professional development that you can.

Happy studying!

~Your Editor

"Is it necessary to say “Yes” to every subbing assignment that is offered to me?" PDF Print E-mail
Dear Barbara,

I am proud to say that I have a good reputation in my school district, after subbing here for a little over a year. Most students seem to be happy when I’m their sub for the day. Many teachers put in requests for me, or call me directly.
Although I’m usually pretty effective with classroom management, there have been some classes that have been very tough to handle. In the past, I’ve said yes, even for those difficult groups.
Do you think I should continue to say yes, even when I know the day will be really hard for me?

Little Rock, Arkansas
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